Registration Procedure with DGMP

1.    All firms / industries which wish to deal with Directorate General Munitions Production, MVRDE, ARDE, Margalla Electronics and IOP will be registered with  registration Section of DGMP operating under ADMP (IP).  ITs and placing of contracts will preferably be restricted to registered firms only, however a firm if found otherwise suitable may be considered for awarding a contract but a case for the registration will immediately be initiated and processed on priority.

2.     Eligibility for Registration Following types of firms can be considered and may apply for registration:-

a.   Indigenous manufacturers / fabricators.

b.  Agents of foreign firms / principals / manufacturers of items necessarily required as stores / raw materials for development/production of Defence Equipment.

3.     Essential Checks before Acceptance of a Case for Registration.

Before a case for registration is finalized and put up to DG(MP) for his approval, following reports must be obtained from the authorities concerned in respect of the applicant firms depending on the type of registration applied for:-

a.    Security Clearance.     As per existing procedure given in Section 30, dealing with security clearance.

b.    Report on Financial Position of the Firms.      The financial position of all firms will be ascertained in order to assess their financial stability and the extent to which they can execute Government contracts. The firms will be required to submit the following information:-

                        (1)       Proprietary and Partnership Concerns

(a)   Bank Statement.  Showing transaction for the last thre years.

(b)  Bank Certificate.  To be given by the bankers in confidence in a sealed envelope addressed to DGMP giving the pen picture of firm’s financial stability and standing in terms of definite figures.

                        (2)       Limited Concerns

(a)      Bank Certificate as per (a), (b) above.

(b)     Balance Sheet/Profit and Loss Account. To be duly audited and authenticated by an authorized chartered accountant.

c.         Technical Report.  Indigenous Manufacturers/Fabricators will be reported upon by a following technical team of DGMP, who will assess the capabilities of the firm concerned and recommend the firm for registration item wise giving details of items successfully manufactured by them. The firm shall also fill all the forms att as Annex A to E:-

(1)       DDMP(Tech)

(2)       ADMP(IP)

(3)       Project Officer (If applicable)

d.   Income Tax Certificate.  To be obtained from Income Tax Department and provided to DGMP Showing the National Tax Number (NTN). The confirm of NTN will be obtained as per sample att as Annex F.

e.  In case the firm is already registered with any of the MoDP Establishments it will fwd a copy of registration letter to DGMP alongwith registration form.  The firm will be registered without waiting for security clearance.


A.           Registration of Firms – Instructions.

B.           Bank Certificate.

C.           Particulars of Firms Applying for Registration with DGMP.

D.           Personal Data.

E.           Particulars of Agent of Foreign Firms Applying for


F.            Verification of NTN Allotted to Firms for Payment of IT.