AVM Muhammad Sarfraz, SI(M), T Bt , DGMP, Ministry of Defence Production 


AVM Muhammad Sarfraz,SI(M), T Bt  



DGMP, Ministry of Defence Production 


Production of defence equipment has been under the purview of the Government right from its inception, Embargo and sanctions imposed on Pakistan made the Government conscious of the fact that it must strive towards achieving greater self reliance in production of military hardware. To this end, here has been policy emphasis on procurement through indigenization involving transfer of technology and capacity building of local industry.

We can achieve greater success in the field of self reliance if both public and private sectors are involved, provided opportunities and their capabilities are utilized to the optimum. In the last decade, local industry has contributed significantly in development of military equipment. At the moment over 200 projects are at various stages of development in partnership with local industry. It is heartening to see the progress made by our private sector in some of the areas. The involvement of private sector will not only augment the indigenous defence production capability but would also lead to creation of employment and infrastructure, giving a strong impetus to the economy.



AVM Muhammad Sarfraz, SI(M), T Bt

DGMP, Ministry of Defence Production